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 Centrum Spectra helps women on the autism Spectrum THRIVE by using Authentic Empowering Coaching & Coursework, so they can live a confident, happy and meaningful life. 

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Centrum Spectra was created to support Women on the Spectrum on their journey to live their best lives and thrive! We are here to empower you and support you to live your best life while being your own Authentic Self. 

We will provide you with tools, coaching and community to help you sail your own course and live from your heart, so you can make a positive impact, on your life, each other and the world! 

Join us and let`s Empower ourselves and each other.

Centrum Spectra is a movement of Wonderful Women on the Spectrum who are committed to getting to know themselves, develop and grow and want to Empower not only themselves, but also other Women on the Spectrum from a place of Authenticity and from the hart! If you are ready to commit to yourself and others to develop, grow, support and put the work needed, you have found your community!
Together we can do this, motivating each other, sharing our experiences and live our best lives and thrive! 

Are you ready to live your best life and thrive?


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This was a great social experience that really shed perspective on some critical areas of my mindset I could benefit from adjusting. Thank you, Brenda Grund, for facilitating this journey, and thank you to all my brave and determined fellow participants for baring your truths through this guided forum for our much needed communal support and growth!

Jasmine Arif Kara
 I enjoyed the course and it reiterated and solidified to me a lot of the stuff I’ve worked on in my own journey, through counselling and self improvement.  I think this course will be invaluable to those people who are still masking a lot or who aren’t completely comfortable with their authentic selves x 
Donna Doyle
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, Brenda's wisdom and encouragement, and the platform to interact with other autistic women. The course certainly was not static and Brenda was quick to add new topics when members asked for more information. It was never pushy and there was space for everyone's feelings and experiences. I am very sad it has come to an end. 

Brenda, all the very best with Centrum Spectra. I am sure you will empower tons of women 🧡 
Patricia Alide Hélène Maria
I’ve found this course to be beneficial, and have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts. It’s been helpful seeing so many similarities between my experiences and others. I find it comforting knowing that my experiences aren’t as unique as I previously thought. I look forward to utilizing what I’ve learned. 

Andrea Hempstead
This has been a great course—the atmosphere was supportive, and even as someone who’s been around the autism community for several years, I’ve found additional insights into the way that I am. I’d happily take another of these courses! 
Erika Walker