3-Month-Intensive 1:1 Authentic Empowerment Private Coaching by Brenda Grund

3-Month-Intensive 1:1 Authentic Empowerment Private Coaching

  • 12 Skype 1:1 sessions of 45 minutes (one a week) for 3 months!
  • E-mail and Whatsapp contact 
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3- Month-Intensive 1:1 Authentic Empowerment Coaching

Being a woman on the Autism Spectrum
Being on the Spectrum comes with challenges and struggles in your day to day life.  From your journey to getting the right diagnosis and dealing with the acceptance of your diagnosis to getting to know yourself with your strengths and challenges so you can live your best life is a long path to walk and comes with hard work, patience and acceptance.

Struggles on your path
Along the way struggles like dealing with conflicting emotions after your diagnosis, feelings of not fitting in, being different, inadequacy, not being good enough, sensory overload, feelings of being overwhelmed, social anxiety regarding friendships, family and intimate relationships, work and study, emotions and meltdowns, anxiety and depression, feelings of frustration and failure, difficulty planning and organizing distinguishing main issues from side issues, eating and keeping a healthy diet, creating a positive outlook on your future and being a mother on the Spectrum are all examples of the different things that you get confronted with along your way.

Making your life easier: You deserve it!

How will I achieve transformation?
By taking the decision to develop yourself working with the Centrum Spectra Academy`s 3-Month-Intensive 1:1 Authentic Empowerment Private Coaching, you will get to know yourself better and get a more realistic sense of your unique self and your strengths and possibilities. This will enable you to get more out of your life than you could have imagined and live your best life and thrive!

Who is the 3-Month-Intensive 1:1 Authentic Empowerment Private Coaching for?
The 3-Month-Intensive is meant for women on the Autism Spectrum who are ready to invest in themselves and put the recessary work in to get to know themselves better so they can live their best life and THRIVE!

What is included?

Weekly Private 1:1 sessions of 45 minutes. 12 Sessions in total. (Via Skype or Zoom)
In these sessions we work and what you need now to make your life easier and feel more positive about yourself and your possibilities.
E-mail contact in between sessions
You can use the email contact to ask questions in between sessions, evaluate steps that you have made and have an outlet by writing to me when you need to. You are welcome!

Some examples of the subjects we can work with:
Only 2 spots are available for this price. This so I can guarantee the highest quality and attention for my clients.
If you have any questions, or want to schedule a free try-out session, you can use the contact button below.

I am looking forward to working together!

- Brenda Grund -
Founder and CEO of Centrum Spectra
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